Windows Update Error Code 80072EFE Fix

The following article presents some useful information about the error code 80072EFE, as well as a guide that should help you fix it. Here you will find the possible reasons as well as some possible solutions for this problem. The guide provided here is to work on all types of Windows OS.

Nature of and possible reasons for getting an 80072EFE error code

This error means that some updates cannot be downloaded or installed on your PC. Some of the components that cannot be incorporated could be NET framework 3.5, as well as Windows live essential updates.

When it comes to the possible reasons why you cannot complete the installation of some of the aforementioned, as well as of other important system updates, there are no concrete ones. Such a problem could be caused by some interference between some programs and/or processes and the Internet. Sometimes your network might be experiencing some issues and that is why you might be seeing such a notification. It is also possible that you may be downloading something while you are trying to apply an update and the process of downloading data might be interfering with the installation process of the needed updates.

No matter what the reason for all that irritation, such an issue could be solved via the following methods:

Windows Update Error Code 80072EFE Fix

#1 Method: Try rebooting the entire system

Easy as it may sound, you could be capable of applying the system updates that you need to install if you restart your machine first as this error might be a temporary bug. Simply ensure that you are indeed rebooting everything connected to your computer, including the web modem. Immediately after you have completed that step, load one of your browsers and make an effort to download and apply whatever you need.

#2 Method: Terminate all the processes of downloading something

If you are downloading something from the web at that particular moment, please make sure that this process gets terminated. After you have stopped all the download processes, proceed with trying to upgrade your system again. If this is the reason for your issue, you should be able to apply the desired updates this time.

#3 Connect to a different network

If there is still no progress in resolving your issue via applying the instructions above, you can try connecting to a different network. If your device is a laptop, this is the easiest thing to do. Just go somewhere else where you have Internet access and try to update your system from there. Maybe this will solve your current issue.

#4 Running the Windows Update Troubleshooter could help you get the Update Error 80072EFE resolved

Another possibility that you have is to try to use the built-in Windows Update Troubleshooter to solve your problem. This feature could help you implement the installation of the necessary updates successfully.

Push the Windows Key and the X button at the same time. Then open Control Panel.


Write Troubleshooter in the Search Bar.


Press View All to view all the options that your system provides.


When the entire list of results is displayed, look for and choose Windows Update.


Implement all the instructions that this feature provides in order to go on.

At that moment you should have resolved this annoying error 80072EFE. Of course, the methods above may not be the right ones for your particular case. If this applies to you, please write to us with all the details of your specific case. Our experts might be able to personally help you. Provided that none of the options above have worked for you, however, and you have found a solution for your problem, don’t hesitate to share it with us. We will add it to this article and you will help many struggling users around the world.

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