SpyHunter Mac Review

Spyhunter for mac

What is SpyHunter for Mac?

It has come to our attention that many of our readers have questions about a program called SpyHunter. Namely, people are questioning whether this piece of software is, in fact, safe to have on their computers and whether or not it actually does what it says it does.

Spyhunter for mac
Is SpyHunter Safe?

We have tested this software and would like to give our honest opinion and an unbiased review of SpyHunter in this brief post.


SpyHunter is an antimalware tool that is designed to locate and remove malicious programs, as well as browser hijackers and various other ad-generating software pieces from your Mac. Furthermore, it is also set to prevent other such harmful or potentially unwanted programs from getting installed in the future.

And as we have seen for ourselves, SpyHunter is indeed legitimate software that does exactly what the developer claims it does. This is contrary to the common belief floating about that SpyHunter is some kind of virus or scam. This is decidedly not the case, and this malware removal tool won’t do anything to harm your machine in any way.

Is SpyHunter for Mac Safe (Legit)?

SpyHunter can be downloaded from the official website of the developer. And after you run the easy installation of the program, you will be all set to run a full scan of your system or use any of the software’s other functionalities.

Now, SpyHunter for Mac is still quite new on the market and it has yet to stand the test of time. There’s no way we can be sure that the developers will be able to keep up the good quality of this product a few months or years from now. But for the moment at least, this has proven to be a reliable and excellent tool that offers great value for money.

Speaking of money, though, the only negative feedback we’ve seen from other users has primarily to do with the price. So that, too, goes to show that there’s nothing genuinely worrisome about this software.

And that leads us to another thing. There’s something users need to understand when it comes to paid and free software. It’s natural that many will expect to be able to receive the same service offered by a paid program from one that’s free. However, this is an unrealistic expectation. The production of a quality antimalware tool (or any other software product for that matter) requires a substantial amount of funding. Hence, the less funding there is – the lower the quality of the product will be.

Free programs are generally developed and distributed with the intention of promoting the other products of the same developer. So their functionality will quite understandably be very limited and nowhere near on par with software that was created to serve the end-user and provide actual value to them.

With that in mind, we would like to point out that SpyHunter is certainly worth every penny. In addition to having detected notoriously persistent malware (e.g. Safe Finder) on computers we’ve tested, it does a perfect job at cleaning junk files in a very user-friendly and convenient manner. Furthermore, there’s 24 hours support available if ever you need it. And in the event that you aren’t happy with the multiple different clean-up options and improved system performance, the company will give you your money back.