Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware Virus Removal (+File Recovery)


Welcome to our Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware Virus removal guide. The following instructions will aid you in removing the unwanted software from your PC for free.

In the text that you are about to read we will try to give you some helpful information about one very dangerous type of malware named Unlocksupp@airmail.cc. This threat falls in the category of Ransomware infections. All you need to know about this category is that its representatives can cause you harm by blackmail. Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware, in particular, uses a very complex encryption algorithm to take all the files you keep on your computer hostage and blackmail you to pay ransom in exchange for a decryption key. Becoming a victim of this malware is among the most terrible things that could happen to you on the internet not just because the encryption prevents you from accessing your data, but also because it is very difficult to remove it and recover. With the rapid increase of advanced Ransomware attacks in the recent years, even security professionals are finding it hard to provide effective protection and recovery solutions, especially for newer versions such as Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware. However, there are a few alternative methods, which might be worth your attention and in the text below we will tell you more about them.

Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware – a file encrypting threat you definitely don’t want on your PC!

Ransomware is a large malware category that contains several other subcategories. Basically, the main Ransomware group can be divided into data-encrypting, screen-locking, and mobile-affecting subtypes. The viruses of the screen-locking and mobile-affecting subtypes can usually deny you access to the desktop of the computer or to the screen of your phone or tablet. You will generally receive a full-screen ransom notification which will prevent you from accessing your icons and apps. A ransom payment will be demanded in exchange for the removal of the full-screen alert. Being attacked by these types of Ransomware is definitely not a nice experience, but the good news is that there are some effective ways to remove the infection and recover from its attack without much damage.

The file-encrypting category, on the other hand, is not that easy to deal with and unfortunately, Unlocksupp@airmail.cc is a cryptovirus from this Ransomware type. This malware has been created by a group of cyber criminals with the sole aim to blackmail online users for the access of their files. The hackers have programmed the virus to serve them as a data-encrypting tool, which places a complex encryption to a wide range of commonly used file types and this way prevents the users from accessing them. Once it has invaded your computer, Unlocksupp@airmail.cc usually initiates a full and thorough scan of the storage space of your computer, detects a list of file types, which are used most frequently, and applies an almost unbreakable file-encryption algorithm to all of them. When the encryption process is done, the malware generates a threatening ransom message on the victim’s screen and starts to threaten and harass them into paying a certain amount of money for the decryption of the affected files.

My files have been encrypted – what to do?

Giving your money to some hackers is never a good idea, no matter what they promise you in return. In the case of Ransomware, the crooks simply rely on your desperation and fear and by threatening you with short deadlines and other manipulations, they prompt you to take impulsive decisions without having time to research your alternatives. However, you don’t need to be a victim of the situation and don’t have to submit to the manipulations. What every security expert would advise you is to seek for reliable alternatives and professional assistance, rather than sponsoring the blackmail practice. It’s just that there is simply no guarantee about the recovery from the Ransomware attack, no matter what course of action you may decide to take. If you pay the ransom to the hackers, they may not send you a decryption key. If you try some other options, you may not be able to recover all the files. However, despite the not so promising chances, we encourage you to give a try at the steps in the removal guide below over the ransom payment. We have created the detailed instructions to help people, who have been infected with Unlocksupp@airmail.cc, to remove the threat from their PC and eventually save some of their encrypted data.

Our removal guide’s is available thanks to howtoremove.guide and their Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware Virus Removal Instructions.

Unlocksupp@airmail.cc Ransomware Virus Removal

 Here is what you need to do in order to remove a Ransomware virus from you computer.

I – Reveal Hidden files and folders and utilize the task manager


  1. Use the Folder Options in order to reveal the hidden files and folders on your PC. If you do not know how to do that, follow this link.
  2. Open the Start Menu and in the search field type Task Manager.
    Task Manager
  3. Open the first result and in the Processes tab, carefully look through the list of Processes.
  4. If you notice with the virus name or any other suspicious-looking or that seems to consume large amounts of memory, right-click on it and open its file location. Delete everything in there.



  • Make sure that the hidden files and folders on your PC are visible, else you might not be able to see everything.
  1. Go back to the Task Manager and end the shady process.

II – Boot to Safe Mode

  • Boot your PC into Safe Mode. If you do not know how to do it, use this guide/linked/.

III – Identify the threat

  1. Go to the ID Ransomware website. Here is a direct link.
  2. Follow there in order to identify the specific virus you are dealing with.

IV – Decrypt your files

  1. Once you have identified the virus that has encrypted your files, you must acquire the respective tool to unlock your data.
  2. Open your browser and search for how to decrypt ransomware, look for the name of the one that has infected your system.
  3. With any luck, you’d be able to find a decryptor tool for your ransomware. If that doesn’t happen try Step V as a last ditch effort to save your files.

V – Use Recuva to restore files deleted by the virus

  1. Download the Recuva tool. This will help you restore your original files so that you won’t need to actually decrypt the locked ones.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the program, open it and select Next.
  3. Now choose the type of files you are seeking to restore and continue to the next page.
  4. When asked where your files were, before they got deleted, either use the option In a specific location and provide that location or choose the opt for the I am not sure alternative – this will make the program look everywhere on your PC.
  5. Click on Next and for best results, enable the Deep Scan option (note that this might take some time).
  6. Wait for the search to finish and then select which of the listed files you want to restore.
  • Keep in mind it is possible that not all files might be fully recovered. You can check in what condition the files are from the State column in the list of deleted files.

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