Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update – Release Date (October Update)

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update – Release Date

We want to share everything we know about the highly anticipated Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update!


Among the things that the Pokemon fans are expecting the most is the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Release Date. However, Niantic doesn’t seem to reveal any official details, but what they do is, they love giving buzz and hints about it. If you are a keen Pokemon fan and you are eager to know what is coming, this article may give you an insight.

When will Pokemon GO Gen 2 be released?

As many gamers and fan hubs suspect, the most probable release date of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update could be sometime next year. The buzz actually started after Niantic released two fresh new features – the more structured gym system and the Catch Bonus System. Actually, the idea about the Go Gen 2 update came from the designer and narrative creator in Niantic – Raza Ahmad, and it seems that the studio is now working hard on releasing it.

What new Pokemon will come with Pokemon GO Gen 2?

Many of the fans are trying to guess what the Gen 2 update will bring
as new features and probably new creatures as well. However, who knows if they can guess what the team is cooking up! From the many posts and publication updates coming one after another, it came clear that we should expect from the upcoming update to feature more evolutions, especially for the Gen 1 Pokemon. For example, what has been revealed is that Onix will be getting his Steelix and Oddish to Bellossom but these are just a few of the many evolutions that the Pokemon Go community will be getting.

The arrival of the Legendary birds in Pokemon GO Gen 2

The arrival of the Legendary birds is one of the most expected features of Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. It is believed that the birds will be introduced in the Mystic, Instinct and Valor teams. The fact that no one has ever owned such birds makes it even more exciting to wait for the update.

Trading system in Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Ok, so the Trading system is really a turning stone in Pokemon GO. The primary concept of this feature is to give the players the chance to communicate with other players and do business. Unfortunately, similar to many other features in the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update, the details about this one are yet to be revealed.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 is expected to come with Android Wear Support Feature

Another feature, that has been expected for long is the Pokemon GO Android Wear support. Basically, this is a wearable tech that operates exactly the same as the Apple Watch version. Cool isn’t it? So this gadget may arrive along with the release of another even more exciting feature – the PvP Battles. The players have been wanting to do battles with other players for long, not just doing it on gyms, and Niantic seems to come up with this features in the long expected GO Gen 2 update.

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Does all this sound exciting to you? What else do you expect in the coming release? Just feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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