Microsoft Windows 10 October event – the highlights!

Microsoft Windows 10 October event – the highlights!

This year’s Microsoft Windows 10 Event was among the most exciting happenings in the tech world. And in case you missed it, here is a handy list of its most prominent moments.


Let’s sum up the highlights at a glance: The main focus of Windows 10 Creators Update was in the 3D content creation that will be available for mass usage. Gamers were presented with High-end gaming, custom tournaments, and Dolby Atmos that are coming to Xbox. An update for the Surface Book was released. And a new Surface Studio was announced.

Windows 10

The latest Microsoft update that was presented on October 26th, collected all the attention of the tech circles. The company’s emphasis was made on sharing and connecting, where some great new communication apps were presented. The highlights were on the MyPeople task bar app that allows users to communicate through a simple appр and an SMS Relay feature, which makes it possible to view and reply to texts from your laptop.

3D visualization

The most exciting announcement on the event was the upcoming Creators Update and its huge focus on the 3D visualization tools. Paint 3D, a glimpse of which was released a few weeks before the Windows 10 event, now allows users to create 3D content with some simple tools and brushes. Using just your phone will now be enough to create a full 3D model, which is extremely easy to customize and work with. Isolating objects from photographs and replacing them with a new background or another image is now easier than ever with the new digital art app. New selection tools such as Doogle can now help you turn any 2D sketch into 3D and different pens allow you to work on the 3D object to customize it as you wish.

Another interesting feature that enables users to scan real-work objects to the new Remix3D community makes it easier for anyone to design 3D images on their own. The members of Remix 3D will be able to share 3D models and find others to use in their own work. The best thing is that these models can also be printed with 3D printers.

A long awaited Office update was also announced, which includes 3D imaging and transitions in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so you can play around with your graphics and present them in any way you choose. However, the preview version is only available to US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A step into Virtual Reality

During the event, Microsoft announced that it is currently working with Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer to release several standalone VR headsets. Their expected starting price would be about $299.
A HoloTour app, originally developed for HoloLens, was also announced. It enables users to take Street View-like trips all around the world.

Xbox One S with three new features

Gamers are sure to love the Creators Update on the Xbox One S. Windows 10 will now let you broadcast gameplay live with just the press of a button.

Players now have the opportunity to create custom tournaments and challenges against your friends with Arena on Xbox Live. The Xbox gaming features are now available on the desktop with Xbox Play Anywhere program. It allows you to buy a single game on Windows or Xbox and play it on either system.
The company announced also a free update, adding Dolby Atmos playback via bitstream audio pass-through.

Surface Book updates

A flurry of updates surrounding Surface was presented on the event, however, none of them were meant for the Surface Pro tablet. Still, the new Surface Book i7 with its 13.5 million pixel display, twice the graphics power, a second fan, and a battery life of 16 hours is one decent gadget.

The Surface Studio announcement


Among the most exciting announcements was the Surface Studio – an all-in-one touchscreen device, created to meet all the needs of its users. With the tiniest LCD monitor to date, and billions of colors, accompanied by an i7 processor, two fans for cooling, 32 GB of RAM and aluminum chassis, Surface Studio was surely the cherry on the cake of the Windows 10 October event.

Do you find the Windows 10 Creators Update exciting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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