How to Clear Search History on Android (Guide)

This guide will teach you how to clear Google History (delete all) on Android. These instructions work on all Android devices.


It is often extremely embarrassing to give an acquaintance your device to search for something on the web and they see the history of your previous searches and have him mock you afterwards because of them. This happens because Google usually displays your recent search queries in the auto-complete area when someone begins to type in that search area. As it stands, it can be very handy to know how to clear google search history – to delete all or some of it.

Fortunately, we can remove the items from our Google search history in many various ways.
The first guide we have prepared for you will efficiently help you to get rid of a few particular terms quickly.The second one could be used in case you wish to remove as many of your recent search items all at once as possible.

An important tip: Check whether your Google search app has been updated. You can do that via the Google Play store. There you will see if you need to update this particular app.

How to Clear Search History on Android

The Guide

How to Delete Specific Items from Search History

In case you would like to remove only a small number of your recently used terms from your Google search history, you don’t have to log into your Google account for that purpose. You should just touch either the Google search box [in Portrait mode] or the Google icon on the left [in Landscape mode].

When you see the Google search screen displayed, select the search box. The last items in your search history  will be shown below the search box. Hold down on the item you want to remove  in the list.

A ‘Remove from search history’ dialog box will come up. After this happens, choose ‘OK’.

Google Search History – Delete all

In case you need to clear a considerable number of search terms all at once from your Google history, log in to your Google account from a browser on your device.

Select ‘Settings’ in the lower-right corner of the browser. After that, you should go with ‘History’ from the pop-up menu.

On the “History” screen, you will see all the search items listed day by day. Also, you will see a check box button above that list (it is usually outlined in red; placed below – to the left of the ‘Remove items’ button). In order to select all the search items on the current page, hit the check box button.

Next, click on ‘Remove items’ to get rid of all items on that page.

If you need to reach older search items and delete them, choose the ‘Older’ button above the search-terms list on the right side of your browser’s tab.


As soon as you have deleted some of the search items on the ‘History’ screen, a notification will pop-up on your monitor. It will include the information about the number of  the search items you have removed from your history records.

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