Windows 10: Disable Notifications and Block Pop-ups in Edge (Guide)

This guide will help you turn off notifications in Windows 10. Also included: block pop-ups and notifications in Edge browser.

Along with its great features, Windows 10 comes also with many types of advertisements. From short notifications to popping messages with “tips, tricks, and suggestions”; sometimes it can be annoying to deal with them, or you may simply not want them to appear and distract you from your work when you least need them. In case that you find this activity disturbing, in this guide you will find a few fixes that may help you turn off notifications in Windows 10.

Windows 10: Disable Notifications and Block Pop-ups in Edge

The Guide

How to turn off notifications in Windows 10

One of the rather annoying notifications that keep showing up now and then are the aggressively popping task bar and action center ads for the newest browser of Microsoft – Edge. In order to stop Microsoft Edge’s notifications, you should know that they are not generated by the Edge app itself, but they get displayed by the Windows operating system instead. That’s why, if you just disable the notifications for Edge, the annoying pop-ups won’t be stopped. To eliminate them, you will need to juggle the panel with your “Settings” app. For that, open the Start menu and click on the “Settings” icon to open it.

Next, you will go to “System” and find the “Notifications & Actions” option in the “Settings” app.
If you don’t want to receive notifications, generated by Windows, then you will need to scroll down to the Notifications section and just disable the “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” option as shown in the picture below.
Once you do this, Windows 10 notifications will be disabled.

How to Disable Notifications in Edge?

You may see normal website notifications on your Edge browser if you have given permission to a certain website to show its notifications via Edge. However, Microsoft’s Edge promotions which may pop up from time to time are quite different from these. If you want to get rid of the website notifications, there is an easy way to disable them – Microsoft recently added support for these notifications in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
To control them in Edge, you will need to open Edge’s menu, navigate to Settings and select the “View Advanced Settings” option. Next, click the “Manage” button under Notifications to review and customize the websites that have permission to show you notifications.

How to block pop-ups in Edge?

If you really want to prevent different pop-ups from showing on your screen, the Edge pop-up blocker may help you keep your Edge browser clean from undesired notifications.
Pop-up windows generated by different websites in your browser can sometimes be annoying. Luckily, you can save yourself from them, because Microsoft Edge provides pop-up blocker feature, which can turn popping windows ON or OFF. Here is how can you do that:

1. First, open your Microsoft Edge browser and click on “More actions” – this option can be found on the right side of the address bar and looks like three dots as shown in the picture.
2. Next, once you open the “More actions” menu, Click on “Settings” at the bottom of the list to open the Settings screen.
3. Once there, click on “View advanced settings” right under “Advanced settings”
4. In “Advanced settings”, locate “Block pop-ups” and the switch marked as “turn ON” below it. Simply turn it ON to block the pop-ups. If you want to unblock them, just turn the same button OFF.
That’s it! We hope you found the suggested fixes useful and will share them with friends.

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