D3dx9_27.dll Missing File Fix (Download Location)

Welcome to our article on d3dx9_27.dll missing file error and our guide on how you can possibly fix the irritating issue. We will present you with two potential fixes that you can use to get rid of this error.

Sometimes, when trying to run a certain program (usually a PC game), you might get an error message about a missing .dll file. This is also the case with The file d3dx9_25.dll was not found problem. This issue typically indicates an outdated DirectX End-User Runtime package. Fixing this should be pretty easy and simple and here we will show you how you can resolve the error yourself.

  • Before we move on to the actual guide, we need to inform you that trying to manually search online for the missing file is a bad idea. Sometimes, this method might actually yield satisfactory results, however, it might also expose your PC to online hazards and make it vulnerable to potential security dangers. This is because oftentimes websites that have downloadable versions of such .dll files might prove to be shady and might contain other unwanted software, which you could accidentally download. Also, sometimes there’s more than one .dll file missing and if you go for this method of fixing it, you’d need to separately download each and every one of them, which is annoying and time consuming to say the least.

Now, that we have gotten this out of the way, let’s proceed to the guide manual that will teach you how you can get the error solved on your own.

D3dx9_27.dll Missing File Fix

Fix Method 1: Update DirectX

  1. Go to this link and download the DirectX installer from there. It will update your OS and provide it with whatever DirectX elements it might be missing (note that this is only for Windows 7 users). 
    • If you are a Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 user, you shouldn’t have problems with missing .dll files, because new DirectX updates get downloaded and installed onto your PC directly through Windows Update. If you still have this issue, try an in-place upgrade (linked to Repairing PC from bootable DVD/USB flash device).
  1. Choose a language and select Download.

    • On the next page, if you have followed the first link from Step 1, you might want to untick the added downloads if you don’t feel like getting anything else apart from the actual DirectX installer.8
  1. Run the downloaded installer and proceed with the prompts. Wait for the install to finish and Restart your PC.
  2. Once your machine boots back up again, try re-running the game/program you’ve had a problem with and see if the error has been dealt with.

Fix 2: Download the full package of .dll files

An alternative solution to the previous method would be to download the package with all .dll files and manually extract the ones that you need. Do this in case the update has not solved the issue.

  1. Follow this link to the official Microsoft site.
  2. Download the DirectX package from there and create a folder where you’re going to extract the files.
  3. Open the executable you’ve just downloaded and accept the license terms.
  4. When asked to choose a folder, browse to the folder you’ve created in Step 2 and extract the files there.11
  5. Now open the said folder and seek the .cab file named Aug2005_d3dx9_27. There should actually be two files, one for 32 bit systems named Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x86.cab and one for 64 bit systems named Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x86.cab.
  6. Open the file that corresponds to your system’s version and right-click on the d3dx9_27.dll file.
  7. Select Extract, browse to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (or 32 respectively) and then press OK.10
  8. Try running the game again. If it still shows the error, extract the missing d3dx9_27.dll file in the game directory as well, since sometimes those files are required within the game folder for it to function properly.


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