Twitter was down, but now back online!

 Twitter is now accessible after been down for nearly an hour.

If you were unable to access Twitter today, it wasn’t only you who had this issue. The famous social platform was down for nearly an hour, but now it seems to be returning to normal. However, some users are reporting that they still have problems to load the site due to getting various errors..

The sudden crash affected Twitter’s Web and mobile apps, as well as the TweetDeck, but the reason for it remains unknown. The company has not come with an official statement for the recent problems with the Twitter platform yet, but according to the users’ reports, the official website was not accessible and the attempts to connect on both desktop and mobile failed between 12:50 AM ET and 1:24AM ET.


Twitter problem reports at

The majority of signals reporting of Twitter being down came from Japan and the east coast of the United States, however, many users from different locations around the world are still indicating issues with the access to the famous platform. Some users are reporting drastic slowdowns and inability to log in.

Is this a hack or malfunctioning? Many users are rumoring about the possible reasons for Twitter being down and some of them even point that the famous social platform might be under a cyber-attack. This may make some sense, having in mind that there were previous attempts for such attacks in the past followed by similar malfunctions.  And while at this moment there is no official information which we could point to, it is not clear whether this is the case or not. We are expecting more information from Twitter itself and will update you accordingly in the next hours. If you are still having issues to connect to the platform, let us know in the comments below and we will make sure to inform you about the latest news and fixes of this matter.


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