Scgeneric4.bpwa Trojan Removal


Welcome to our Scgeneric4.bpwa Trojan Horse removal guide. The following instructions will aid you in removing the unwanted software from your PC for free.

Trojan horse viruses are easily the most infamous malware group in the history of cyber security. And no wonder – nearly 75% of all infections resulting from malware are cause by none other than the notorious masters of stealth – the Trojans. The unique versatility of this type of malicious software is what makes it so invaluable to hackers and cybercriminals and that’s also why it’s so numerous. Now, landing an infection like this can be very dangerous, so if you’re here due to a Trojan attack, it’s important that you read everything in this article to gain a better understanding of what you’re dealing with. Today we will be looking at one of the latest representatives of this virus category called Scgeneric4.bpwa. We will aim to explain what exactly this virus may be capable of what it might be after on your PC right now. Furthermore, below you will also find a detailed removal guide that will help you delete this malware.

What Scgeneric4.bpwa may be doing on your computer

We already pointed out that Trojans are notoriously versatile, so this means they can be capable of performing a wide variety of different tasks. It’s for this very reason that we can’t pinpoint the exact purpose of Scgeneric4.bpwa in your system – it could quite literally be anything. But we can tell you about the most common usages, so you at least know the scale of what you’re up against.

  • Trojans are very often used for the purpose of stealing information from their victims’ computers. This can be achieved by different means, some of which involve tracking your keystrokes and thus gaining access to anything you type with the help of your keyboard. Other methods include directly just stealing files from the system and sending them back to the hackers. Very sophisticated Trojans can hijack your entire traffic, redirecting it to the hackers’ servers and in this way potentially gaining access to sensitive financial and personal details.
  • Viruses like Scgeneric4.bpwa can also be used to destroy data. This can be done for separate pieces of information, as well as for entire systems as a whole.
  • Another no less common use for this type of malware involves spying on its victims. This, like stealing, can also be achieved by a variety of different methods. For example, the virus may hack into your webcam and mic and allow the hackers to watch and listen to you. It can also enable them to watch your monitor and see everything you see. In addition, Trojans like Scgeneric4.bpwa can use all of these methods combined, including the aforementioned keylogging method, to spy on you from every angle.
  • This malware category can also exploit your PC’s resources without you even knowing it. That, in turn, can be done for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies, distributing spam or infecting other computers in the same network.
  • Trojans can potentially also be used as a backdoor virus for other types of malware, most commonly ransomware.

… and the list goes on and on. As you can see, there is plenty of mischief that can be expected from a stealthy little malicious program like Scgeneric4.bpwa. But luckily, you know that you’ve been infected, so now you have all the necessary tools to remove it. It’s not uncommon for similar infections to go unnoticed for weeks, months and even years – depending on their task. What’s important that you do after you’ve deleted this Trojan from your system is that you make sure you don’t end up getting another one in the future.

There are several ways to do that, but the real key is just using your common sense when browsing the web. The majority of malware infections can easily be prevented if you have a basic sense of cyber security. This means avoiding shady and sketchy websites that may be infected with viruses and using only reputed download sources.

Scgeneric4.bpwa Trojan Removal


I – Safe mode and revealing hidden files

Boot your PC into Safe Mode /link/

Reveal hidden files and folders /link/

II – Uninstallation

Use the Winkey+R keyboard combination, write Control Panel in the search field and hit enter.

Go to Uninstall a program under Programs.

Seek the unwanted software, select it and then click on Uninstall

If you are unable to spot Scgeneric4.bpwa, search for any unrecognized programs that you do not remember installing on your PC – the unwanted software might disguise itself by going under a different name.

III – Removing Shady processes


Go to your start menu, type Task Manager in the search field and from the results open View running processes with Task Manager.

Thoroughly look through all processes. The name Scgeneric4.bpwa might not be there, but if you notice any shady looking process that consumes high amounts of memory it might be ran by the unwanted program.

If you spot the process ran by Scgeneric4.bpwa, right-click on it, open its file location and delete everything in there. Then go back to the Task Manager and end the process.

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