Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144 FIX

This guide will help you solve the issue with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144. The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144 is easy to fix – read our guide to see how!


This time, we will point our attention to the gaming world where the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare game was released in Beta version for LIVE play. However, some users are reporting an annoying error message that is preventing them from playing. They are facing an Error Code 262144 which keeps them from logging in live play and leads to a lot of frustration among gamres who have paid to access the game.

The message that is displayed on the screen states the following:

“Error – Thanks for downloading the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta! Servers will be live from 10 AM PDT on October 14 till 10 AM PDT on October 17. Please check back between those hours to play. If you feel that you are receiving this message in error, please try again or visit for more information. Error Code: 262144”

As this message indicates, there seems to be a problem with the correct time for the BETA to be played. A similar error has appeared in the past, but it didn’t include the Error Code: 262144.


Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144 Fix

From what we’ve researched so far, this problem does not appear to all gamers, but just to some of them, while others have no problem logging in and playing. However, there were some complaints from some gamers, who posted about the Error Code 262144 on Twitter and other social media platforms. Currently, the Activision Support ‏@ATVIAssist are replying to the posts and assuring that they are actively working on solving the issue. According to Infinity Ward, the interest in the Warfare BETA is so huge that they are experiencing some server issues, since the people who are playing the game are more than they expected. And while the error code is yet to be solved, there are some quick fixes on the Internet that some users have suggested as working.

Some people have managed to fix the issue with the Code 262144 error message by simply restarting their console. Others are suggesting that closing the application and reopening it may solve the error. In some cases, a hard reset of the game has worked, while for others, a hard reset of the console solved the problem. This is something you can also try by simply holding the power button of the console to shut it down, then unplug it from the cable and wait for a few minutes before you turn it on again. If this doesn’t fix the error, here is what our team can offer you as a solution:

1. First, make sure you create an Activision login
2. Then, you need to link your PSN account in Activision
3. Next, make sure you are logged into your PSN network
4. Finally, restore any licenses in the PSN setting.

These steps should work for fixing the annoying message and letting you play Infinite Warfare BETA. If you know some other fixes that work, please feel free to share them in the comment sections below.

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