Gpfree0097 “Virus” (Android Removal)

Dear reader, obviously, you have come across the following article because you are interested in getting to know more about one of the most irritating software products that have ever been created – Gpfree0097. You have probably noticed some strange things lately – your browser seems to have gone crazy and is constantly showering you with a great number of mostly useless and disturbing ads.

However, what is even more annoying is the fact that the aforementioned ads are not very similar to the normal page-hosted ones that we are used to seeing when surfing the Internet. The ones generated by Gpfree0097 may be very hard to be closed, and might automatically redirect you to websites with possibly suspicious content. What may be bothering you even more is the fact that they could be able to reappear and an attempt on closing one of them might only help to open another.

In case the text above matches the characteristics of your current technical issue, you are probably trying to find what exactly is happening to your PC. The paragraphs you are about to read are going to make the situation clearer to you.

We have even created a removal guide and some useful safety tips.

Let us present Adware

Adware is derived from the words advertisement software. It is the name given to the software products that are developed with the purpose of generating ads. Some of them may be even programmed to match the displayed advertisements to the most recent personal search requests of the affected users. This is actually the most questionable feature of Adware as it may collect data about the surfing habits of the given user and sell it to 3rd parties (most likely vendors who want to promote their products).

The aforementioned numerous ads in different forms might promote all kinds of different products, webpages and services. Also the Adware-causing scripts may be integrated in all the famous browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.

Nevertheless, don’t rush into panicking!  Adware hasn’t been labeled malicious as some mobile viruses like Ransomware have been. Typically, many malware versions like Ransomware lock up or destroy important personal files or “spy” on their victims. Adware is not capable of performing such nasty operations!

In fact, Adware has been developed to simply help some advertisement campaigns manage to reach their audiences.

However, Adware-like programs get distributed in rather shady and suspicious ways which often leads the user to believe that the ads are somehow harmful. In general, the infection might happen via many means. However, the most common ways of contamination are the following: the download and installation of a software bundle. This is actually a piece of free software that normally comes together with Adware. In this case, the Adware-based programs inside the bundle are legal – they are used only to generate profits for the developers of the given free software. Another possible means of infecting the end user are shareware and torrents. You can also get Adware by visiting an already contagious website and clicking on a link there.

Typical behaviour of Gpfree0097 “Virus”

 Gpfree0097 “Virus” has been classified as an exemplary Adware-based program. As soon as it has entered your mobile, that type of software may start showing a great number of pop-ups or banners asking you to buy something or download something.

The majority of users online believe Gpfree0097 is a “Virus”. Yet that is not correct. Of course, as you might expect from an Adware, Gpfree0097 uses the pay-per-click scheme to generate more profits. The more advertisements are displayed, the more money its developers earn. However, this is typical for all the Adware versions and completely legitimate.

Nonetheless, the methods this version of Adware uses to promote certain products and services might appear somehow intrusive and aggressive. In fact, the constant stream of advertisements may “eat” a lot of your RAM and make your mobile freeze.

Tips on how to stay away from Gpfree0097 in particular and Adware in general

Fortunately, Adware and the software products based on it can be avoided just by keeping in mind some logically simple advice. Firstly, you should never forget to keep your pop-up blockers, firewall and anti-malware tools enabled, functional and up-to-date. In case you follow this advice, you are very likely to stop malicious software like Ransomware and annoying software like Adware from infiltrating your system. However, always remember that the pop-up blockers will only help to prevent the page-hosted ads from appearing. You may need to perform more complex actions in order to get rid of Adware.

The other tip is to always be really careful if you complete an installation process of any software that you download from the web. Try to always choose the “Customized/Manual” feature of the installer. You are also advised to carefully go through all the agreements and never authorize any changes to your system as a whole or to your browsers in particular;

The guide below has been especially assembled to help you get through the uninstallation process of Gpfree0097. You are only required to follow it closely and carefully and you will manage to remove this annoyance for good.

Removing Gpfree0097 from Android

To begin you will have to access the Application Settings of your device. To do that, go to Settings/General/Apps. Now swipe right until you reach the All section. It does not matter which browser you’re using. The guide works the same way for both the generic android browsers supplied by different manufacturers, as well as any other browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla.


Even though the steps are pretty much the same, for the sake of clarity, we will provide you with instructions for both the pre-installed browser and Google Chrome. Follow the same instructions for any other browser you may be using.

Using the generic browser “Internet” (can be spelled differently on your screen)

In the applications list find and tap on the app’s icon and then select Force Stop.


After that tab on Clear Data, followed by Clear Cache.


Using Chrome

Once again find and tap on the application’s icon and then tap on Force Stop.


After doing so, yet again tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.


Now you only need to once again start your browser and hopefully all will be back to normal.

If the problem persists you might want to restart your smartphone too, as sometimes a reboot is needed for the changes to take place.

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