Globe Ransomware Removal


In this article we are going to try and help you remove Globe Ransomware. Our instructions cover all Windows versions.

Unfortunately, the program known as Globe, whose nature and characteristics we will be discussing in the following article, is a type of Ransomware. Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that is used for the encryption of some of the files you most commonly use on your PC. It then blackmails you into paying ransom in return for having the chance to access those files again.

How exactly does Ransomware infect a system? Is it very dangerous?

Different Ransomware programs could be caught at different web locations. For example, they might be hiding inside program bundles; they might infect your PC as a payload from a link that you followed; they could also be found inside torrents and shareware. However, the most common means for your computer to become infected with such viruses are spam emails. Ransomware viruses are often accompanied by other malware. In the most common case Globe will travel together with a Trojan horse. The procedure of infecting your computer is the following: you open a contagious spam message and download the attached file, after which the Trojan infects your PC. It then immediately searches for any of your system/program weaknesses and exploits them to welcome the Ransomware inside.

After getting inside your PC, the Ransomware begins with its malicious activities right away. The first one is making a complete scan of the folders and disks where you keep data. This action allows the virus to define, exactly which files you open/use most frequently. It then gathers all of them in a special list. Right after such a list is compiled, the truly terrible thing happens: one by one all of your files get encrypted with a very complex double-component encoding key. Such a key normally includes two parts – a public and a private one. The public one is given to you directly, but for the second part of the key – the private one, the hackers make you pay an amount of money. What tells you about all these horrible events is a truly disturbing screen notification, which marks the end of the encoding process.

If you are thinking about just paying the requested sum and getting your data back quietly and effortlessly, we are going to disappoint you. Globe is a terribly dangerous kind of malware and the whole process of recovering your files may not be that simple. It is possible to send the hackers money and after receiving it they could demand more. It is also possible that they just take your money and vanish without giving you back your files. Another possibility is that you disagree to pay and these cyber criminals destroy the encrypted data, though this rarely ever happens to anyone. Everything is possible in case your system has been contaminated with Ransomware. Whatever you do, your files will be in danger.

What could be done to counteract such a horrible virus infection?

Once the infection has been completed, nothing could really be done to ensure the safety of your system and your files. However, it is possible to fight Globe by successfully avoiding it. The strongest weapon in the war with Ransomware is prevention. It is very important that you be extremely careful, no matter what you do online. For example, you should form healthy habits when it comes to maintaining your system and all the programs installed on your PC. This means installing them in the right way, by always using the Advanced feature of the installers, updating them as many times as necessary and purchasing full versions of them if the free ones do not include safety features. Also, the formation of good habits when it comes to surfing is essential. This means carefully selecting the online locations that you visit and use/download software from. Take a little more time to research the trustworthy websites and it will save the time of fighting a terrible virus. The best advice when it comes to Ransomware prevention is to remember to create copies of your important data. Always keep a backup of your valuable data somewhere on an external drive or cloud and no one will have the slightest opportunity to blackmail you. If you have already been infected and wish to risk your files by not paying the ransom and trying to solve this technical issue on your own, we’ve prepared a Removal Guide below. It will walk you through the process of locating and removing all the relevant files and will attempt to restore your files.

Globe Ransomware Removal

# 1


Enter Windows Safe mode.

  • Win 7 Users: Restart your PC –> keep on clicking F8 –> In the subsequent Menu select Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Win 8 Users: Start Button –> Control Panel –> System and Security –> Administrative Tools –> System Configuration –> In the subsequent Menu select Safe Boot –>
  • Win 10 users: Start Menu –> Power Options Menu –> Hold down the SHIFT button while clicking on Restart –> Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> Startup Settings –> Restart –> In the subsequent Menu select Safe Mode with Networking.

# 2

Open Task Manager and locate any processes associated with Globe.

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys simultaneously –> Processes Tab –> Select a suspicious process (use Google or ask us in the comments if you are not sure about a process) –> Right Click and Open File Location –> End the suspicious process in Task Manager –> Delete the Folders containing the suspicious files.

# 3

Open the Registry Editor and search for Globe.

  • Win 7 Users: Click Start and type regedit –> Enter –> Press CTRL + F buttons –> Type Cryp1 Virus in the search field.
  • Win 8/10 users: Start Button –> Choose Run –> type regedit –> Enter Press CTRL + F buttons –> Type Globe in the search field.

# 4

Try to recover your files. First you will need System Restore.

  • Win 7 Users: Start button –> Type Windows System Restore –> Enter –> Open System Restore –> Select a Restore Point and revert to it.
  • Win 8 Users: Hold down the Windows key + Q –> Type Recovery –> Settings –> Choose the Recovery icon –> Open System Restore –> Select a Restore Point.
  • Win 10 Users: Start Menu –> Power Options Menu –> Hold down the SHIFT button while clicking on Restart –> Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> System Restore –> Select a Restore Point and apply it.

Secondly use program that can access your Shadow Copies.


  • Use Google to find the official website of such a program and download it.
  • Use the program to select the file types and the hard drive locations you want the program to scan for.
  • Start the scan and keep in mind that it might take a while.
  • Once the scan has been completed just select the files you want to be recovered.

If you have questions or suggestions feel free to use our comments section!

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