Edge browser is crashing after Windows 10 Build 14942 update. Microsoft releases a fix.

Edge browser is crashing after Windows 10 Build 14942 update. Microsoft releases a fix.


The latest preview build 14942 for Windows 10, that was released by Microsoft last Friday, came with a couple of new features. Most of them were just minor and there were not many fixes for some of the known issues – only one issue was listed. However, as it often happens, users have faced a few more bugs that need to be fixed with this release. There were problems related to the Xbox Live, where users were having trouble signing in. One of the major issues that surfaced, however, was the crashing of the Microsoft Edge web browser. After the release of build 14942, many people reported sudden shut downs of the popular Edge browser that Microsoft is trying to promote with Windows 10.

 A few hours later, the company confirmed that there might be some issues with the work of the browser and it has been added to the list of known issues. Here is how they explained the origin of the crashing problem with Edge:

 “Due to a recent platform change, Microsoft Edge may crash after launch, or when you type in the address bar or try to open a new tab.”

Generally, these are the most common ways that one would want to interact with the Edge browser and the inconvenience it causes may really be preventing users from browsing the web normally.The good thing is that the company reacted quickly to this issue and offered a fix that will solve the crashing problem. The following command was released, which needs to be run in PowerShell in order to eliminate the bug:

Get-ChildItem ‘HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children’ | foreach{Remove-Item $_.pspath -Recurse}

However, before you apply it, you should be warned that if you use this solution, it may delete your cookies and browsing history. But, after all, this is the risk that comes with using Windows 10 preview builds, which naturally come with some great new functionality as well as some problems.

Another possibility to eliminate the problem with Edge browser is to downgrade to the previous build. However, it too has its set of issues and having in mind that Microsoft has already offered a workaround solution for this bug, it is expected that the new build, which is hopefully coming down to the Fast ring this week, will surely eliminate the Edge crashing issue.


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