Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” File Removal


In this article we are going to try and help you remove Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” File. Our instructions cover all Windows versions as well as most browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

If you’ve found our page in an attempt to remove all the crazy Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” ads that have been bombarding your screen – you’re definitely come to the right place. Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” is an adware variant that was specifically designed to distribute vast quantities of popup, banner, box message and other ads within your Chrome or Firefox browser. In addition to those ads being wildly annoying, they may also have started affecting your PC’s performance by now, slowing down your machine and even causing your browser to crash. Asked by a number of our readers to publish an effective solution and a way to combat this nasty adware, we came up with the perfect removal guide, which you will find at the bottom of this page. Don’t skip directly to the guide, though – there are still a few things you should be aware of first.

How you got Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” to begin with

If you’re fully aware of how exactly you ended up with the invasive software on your computer – good for you. Hopefully that taught you something and you will be able avoid ending up in the same situation again. If you’re still wondering what could have happened and where you made the wrong step, we have a few possible suggestions. Spam emails are a pretty common source for these types of infections, if you recall seeing a message offering to try out some new ‘useful’ program, or perhaps you clicked on some link in a message likes that – that could be where you got Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” from. The more probable alternative is, however, a program bundle, as this means of distribution is by far the most effective one. Adware is often packaged together with other pieces of software, without necessarily being disclosed. So, basically, you download one program, but actually unknowingly end up downloading a handful of others alongside it.  But that still isn’t enough for the adware to start affecting your browsing experience. You need to install it, before it can start doing that. And the installation process is the key moment that will determine whether or not you will be harassed by popups and page redirects or not. If you habitually go with the default settings of the setup wizard you are pretty much asking for trouble, as you’re agreeing to the developer’s terms, of which you don’t even have the slightest idea. All you have to do is choose the alternative option – advanced or custom – and you will see all the contents of the bundle, if there were any. Deselect the ones you don’t want integrating with your system and proceed with the installation process. Done.

Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” – a Virus or not a virus?

Decidedly not a virus. Adware is not to be confused with harmful software of the likes of ransomware, spyware, Trojans and other malware. Yet for some reason people still tend to mistake it for such and to an extent that can be understood. After all, some of these programs’ practices do strike users as untrustworthy and suspicious, such as their ability to monitor your browsing activity. From the moment you’ve allowed Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” to become part of your browser, everything you type into your search engine and every website you visit will be recorded and carefully analyzed by the ad-producing software. This is done to sort of personalize the generated ads and display more ads that are related to your browsing patterns, because the developers make money based on the amount of clicks their ads attract. However, most users don’t agree with this prying activity and tend to think of it as a violation of their privacy.

In addition to that, there’s also the very real possibility of running into a fake or malicious ad, also known as a malvertisement. One click on the wrong popup window or banner and you could find yourself facing some of the internet’s scariest cyber security threats. It’s for this reason that we constantly remind our readers of the dangers of interacting with online ads. There is unfortunately no way to differentiate legit ads from those that have been tampered with by hackers up until you’ve reached the point of no return. So, for your own safety and that of the data stored on your machine, try not to click around carelessly and get to removing all the unnecessary ads with the help of the below guide.

Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” File Removal

Many types of malware will restrict your access to their core files. It is highly recommended that you reboot your PC in safe mode before attempting to use this guide.

  • To enable Safe Mode reboot you PC, then hit F8 repeatedly. When the corresponding menu opens please select Safe Mode with Networking.

WARNING! If you are using Windows 8,0 or later and/or your operating system is installed on a fast SSD drive this may fail to work. In this case click here to see how to start your PC in Safe Mode.

#1: Uninstall the malicious program from your control panel


Enter control panel to look for any suspicious programs, which may have installed on your PC. To do that:

  1. Navigate to your Desktop
  2. Press simultaneously the Win button together with the R button (Win+R)
  3. In the Run window that just opened type appwiz.cpl

Removal ads Guide pic 1

  1. Go through the list of programs and find Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” or anything else that may seem suspicious. Right-click on it and choose the uninstallation option

WARNING! Carefully read any confirmation messages that may be created in the process. Sometimes you may get offers to download more Adware applications and this can be linked to either the Yes or the No answer depending on the wording!

  • Optional:

Go through the list of programs again and check online for any potentially unwanted programs. We have an article that covers this awesome free software that makes sure that your computer is free from bloatware and programs that you don’t need.

#2: Remove Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” From Chrome

Now we’ll remove the extensions that the malware has attached to your browser.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Type chrome://extensions/  in the URL address bar and press Enter.
  3. Click on “Developer Mode” on the top right and look for the extension installed by Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” and anything that might be related to it. Copy their IDs (the string of letters), then remove them by clicking on the trash bin icon.

Removal ads guide pic 2

  1. Type Regedit in the Windows Start Menu and press Enter. Go in : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions and delete the entries corresponding to the suspicious IDs you recorded.

#3: Remove Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” From Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Type “about:support” in the URL address bar and press Enter.
  3. Click on the “Refresh Firefox” button on the right and confirm.

removal ads guide pic 3

#4 Remove Chrome_Font.exe “Virus” From Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Internet Explorer internet browser.
  2. Click on the Gear icon on the up right, then on manage add-ons.
  3. Go through the list disable any suspicious extensions.

guide pic 4

#5 Remove any leftover parasitic processes


From the task manager:

  1. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc and open the Task manager, then click on the Processes
  2. Go through the list of processes and look for unknown or otherwise suspicious entries.
  3. If you see anything suspicious right click on the process and shoes Open File Location, then terminate the process and delete any files you find in the directory.

ads removal guide pic 6

WARNING! If the directory you open from this menu has no files inside of it it’s probably because the malware has hidden them. You need to reveal hidden files and folders in order to be able to see them. Click here if you don’t know how to do that.

ads removal guide pic 5

From the start menu:

  1. Press simultaneously the Win button together with the R button (Win+R)
  2. In the Run window that just opened type msconfig
  3. Click on the Startup tab.

ads removal guide pic 7

This menu controls which programs are loaded when windows starts after a reboot. Disable anything that seems suspicious. Optionally you can also disable any program that you don’t need and also has a high impact on your startup time.

Feel free to write to us in the comment section with any questions that you may have. Also if we have been helpful to you please share this article to help us reach more people like you.  

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