Things you should know before you decide to install Antivirus software

First I want to start by saying that Antivirus software is as good as the user behind it.

Here are a few simple but very important things you should consider when choosing your Antivirus software.

1. Always test Antivirus software before you decide to buy it, all the tests and reviews can’t tell you if the program will be compatible with the rest of your system. Most Antivirus programs have 15-30 day trial versions and that is enough time to see if the program will suite your needs and blend in with the rest of your programs.

2. Be honest about your knowledge and experience and pick a program that you understand.

3. Inform yourself about the possibility of False Positives, most vendors will not talk about it, but False Positives are very common and can cause as much damage as  viruses. Almost all of today’s Antivirus programs have some form of heuristic detection, this ,in other words, means they are able to detect new variants of viruses without receiving signatures for them. This method of detection is known to produce False Positives, be sure that you understand what False Positives are before you decide the activate this feature.

4. You have to understand that Antivirus programs are your first line of defense, therefore you need to keep them updated at all times. It is strongly recommended to enable automatic updates upon installation.

5. Enable Real Time protection. Real Time protection is the most important feature of all security applications, its job is to block and prevent infections.

6. When choosing Antivirus software, try to find a balanced solution. The best options are the programs that provide high level of Real Time protection, have good malware removal capabilities and have low False Positives rates. This is about the hardest thing you will have to do, but at the end you will see that it was worth it.

7. Don’t make your system a slave. Many people get obsessed with internet security and choose applications that are recommended by other users, this may or may not be the best solution for you. Many times people install quite a few security applications thinking that then they will be secure.What they don’t realize that their system, the one they are protecting, is carrying a tremendous load and is not able to function properly with all the programs running.

8. What is more valuable then any Antivirus program? You, you decide , in 99.9% of the cases, what comes into your computer and try to make wise choices and think twice before you click on something.

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