Fakeav.auqd Trojan Horse Removal


Welcome to our Fakeav.auqd Trojan Horse removal guide. The following instructions will aid you in removing the unwanted software from your PC for free.

What is Fakeav.auqd?

Fakeav.auqd is a dangerous Trojan horse that has been actively spreading lately. If this threat has managed to get inside your PC, you should know that all of your data and software is exposed to great risk. When it sneaks inside a computer system, it has the ability to cause numerous types of harm. For instance, it may change some of the system settings and start committing its malicious activity. According to computer security experts, this threat is most commonly used for online fraud and theft. The Trojan may also be used to generate revenue for its criminal creators by involving the compromised computer in some criminal schemes or by stealing the user’s personal information, stored on the computer. Still, this is just a small part of what this type of malware is capable of. You must be aware that Fakeav.auqd may also infiltrate other viruses in the system (such as worms, spyware, ransomware and other Trojans), give the hackers remote access to the victim’s computer, and cause general malfunction and other problems to the infected machine. 

What are the main signs that your system is affected?

First of all, you should pay attention to the speed at which your computer is running. Some affected Windows users report incidental system delays and even crashes. Additionally, you may notice problems when using applications such as MS Word, Excel, Notepad, and the like. Finally, you may encounter an unknown Task Manager invasion, the appearance of suspicious programs, redirects to unfamiliar webpages, and other similar issues. If you have just noticed these problems, do not waste any time because you cannot know what the intentions of the virus are and what may the hackers use it for. If you want your computer to be secure, we highly recommend you remove Fakeav.auqd as soon as possible. At the end of this page, we have published a detailed removal guide with exact instructions on that but we also encourage you to perform a full scan of your system with the professional Fakeav.auqd removal tool to see what’s inside and what you need to delete.

How can Fakeav.auqd infect my computer?

This Trojan horse is distributed using different techniques. Unfortunately, some of these have not yet been discovered, so you should double-check your computer security status if you want to make sure your computer is protected. Make sure you have the latest versions of your antivirus and antispyware program. These programs will help you protect yourself from Fakeav.auqd and other cyber threats on your computer. Still, there is something more to be said about the prevention of this cyber-threat. If you want to be safe, you must start avoiding illegal webpages, ignore suspicious emails, never download any attachments they contain, and also close any misleading ads that may appear in your browser while browsing the web. If an ad is offering you to update your OS, your Flash Player, FLV Player or similar programs, you must close it immediately. If you have any doubts that you need to update these programs, it is best to visit their official web pages. As mentioned before, you should not leave the Trojan on your computer. If you have even the slightest doubt, please use the instructions below to fix your computer.

How to remove Fakeav.auqd without risk for my system?

Unfortunately, Fakeav.auqd is a complex computer virus that uses modern techniques and cleverly masks its components into the computer system so the victims cannot find them. If you notice that your computer behaves strangely, or that files and programs are missing, and the overall system performance is slow, you need to take immediate actions and detect the threat. The easiest way to do this is by starting a full system scan with the professional removal tool. This will give you an idea which are the malicious files that need to be deleted. You can also use the instructions in the removal guide below to help yourself, but please do not delete files you are not completely sure are the malicious ones because you may remove useful system files and this could lead to bigger problems with your computer. Strictly follow the detailed steps and pay attention to all the instructions, described below. Once you have eliminated the Trojan, think about reliable protection. To keep your confidential information such as bank information, credit card details, passwords, and other data safe and prevent Ransomware and other viruses from sneaking inside your system, you should not waste any time but immediately install reputed antivirus software and run regular throughout system scans with it.

Fakeav.auqd Trojan Removal


I – Safe mode and revealing hidden files

Boot your PC into Safe Mode /link/

Reveal hidden files and folders /link/

II – Uninstallation

Use the Winkey+R keyboard combination, write Control Panel in the search field and hit enter.

Go to Uninstall a program under Programs.

Seek the unwanted software, select it and then click on Uninstall

If you are unable to spot Fakeav.auqd, search for any unrecognized programs that you do not remember installing on your PC – the unwanted software might disguise itself by going under a different name.

III – Removing Shady processes


Go to your start menu, type Task Manager in the search field and from the results open View running processes with Task Manager.

Thoroughly look through all processes. The name Fakeav.auqd might not be there, but if you notice any shady looking process that consumes high amounts of memory it might be ran by the unwanted program.

If you spot the process ran by Fakeav.auqd, right-click on it, open its file location and delete everything in there. Then go back to the Task Manager and end the process.

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