Vcruntime140.dll Missing Fix

In the following article and its guide we will aid you in solving the common vcruntime140.dll missing file error that sometimes occurs when you are trying to run or install a certain web development application.

Missing .dll files are a commonplace occurrence and resolving errors caused by that should not be something overly complicated. They usually pop up when you are trying to run a certain game or program. In this case, it seems that vcruntime140.dll missing file error occurs when the user attempts to either install or run some web development software such as WampServer, Apache or PHP.

What not to do

Before we move on to the actual fix, we must warn you to avoid trying to search for the specific missing file online. It is tempting to try that, but there are a couple of reasons why it is a bad idea. First of all, oftentimes missing .dll files are being distributed as free downloads by certain obscure and shady websites that are not to be trusted. If you are not careful with those, you might get yourself some piece of unwanted software or you might even expose your machine to potential security hazards. In addition to this, in many cases there might be more than one missing file, but you will realize this only when you’ve already downloaded vcruntime140.dll. Looking for each missing .dll file is both annoying and time consuming. Therefore, avoid trying to manually download each and every missing file separately.

Vcruntime140.dll Missing Fix

A much safer and quicker method to fix the issue with vcruntime140.dll is to update your Visual C++ Redistributable package for Visual Studio. Installing the latest update should be more than enough to provide you with all .dll files that might be missing from your system right now. Here is a short guide on how to update your Visual Studio:

  1. Open your browser program and make a google search for Visual C++ latest update or something similar.
  2. Among the first results you should see hyperlinks to the official Microsoft website – click on the first one of those.
  3. Pick the latest update package. In most cases everything from 2015 and onward should do just fine. 
    • You can also use this direct link to the 2015 version.
  1. On the next page, select Download.
  2. Now, tick the executable that corresponds to the version of your Windows OS. If your system is a 32 bit version, select x86.exe and if your Windows version is a 64 bit one, choose the x64.exe file.
  3. Select Next and wait for the download to be complete.
  4. Run the executable update file that you’ve just downloaded and follow the prompts to install the update.
  5. Try re-running the application that has been giving you the error.

Additional advice

In some instances it is possible that the file that has been reported as missing is required to be placed inside the folder of the application that you’re trying to open. Therefore, if the error persists even after the update, go to My Computer\C:\Windows\System32 and in search field at the top-right corner type the name of the missing .dll file (in this case, vcruntime140.dll).


Once it has been found, click on it and press the Ctrl+C key combination on your keyboard. Then go to the folder of the app that’s been giving you the error and this time press Ctrl+V to paste the file. If more files are reported as missing, do the same thing with them. This will have solved your vcruntime140.dll problem.


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