Single Product Flash Test – DefenseWall HIPS, November 2011

Single Product Flash Test

Product: SoftSphere DefemseWall HIPS

Product Version: 3.15

Operating System: Windows 7 32-Bit

Amount of samples used: 50

Results Table:


Trojan Financial Malware BackDoor Rootkit
Jorik Banker FlyAgent TDSS 1 AutoRun
Swysin Goldun Cycbot TDSS 2 Injector
Buzus Zeus Zegost ZAccess 1 FakeAV
Small Sinowal Rbot ZAccess 2 Kates
Inject Usteal Poison Alureon 1 AutoIt
Ircbrute SpyEye Hupigon Alureon 2
Menti Carberp Wuca Tent Krap
Vilsel LdPinch Bifrose ZAccess 3 FakeAlert
Refroso Adramax Ripinip Cidox Cinmus
Ramnit Banbra Prorat ZAccess 4 Lmir


System Status: Secure


Green – Passed

Red – Failed

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