Remove .Micro Virus File Extension

This article was written with the kind help of HowToRemove.Guide in order to help people remove .Micro Virus File Extension from their machines. This is actually a very potent virus of the ransomware family and it is capable of encrypting all of your files in a matter of hours.  What makes ransomware the most dangerous type of viruses in existence is the fact that any file encrypted by them will not be restored with the removal of the virus. There are ways around that and we’ll do our best in helping you recover your files too. But before any of this comes to pass it is important that you at least have some basic understanding of how ransomware viruses actually work.

.Micro Virus File Extension – modus operandi

Most of the current ransomware viruses in circulation can trace their origins to one of three very popular strains of ransomware – Teslacrypt, Cryptowall or Cryptlocker. This ransomware trio has reportedly stolen over $2 million from victims after the first sudden boom of viruses. Little has changed since 2010 when this trio was first released. Generally, when the virus first makes contact with your computer it will go through your files and start encrypting them one by one hidden in the background. This process can take an undefined amount of time, taking longer if you have a lot of files on your HDD and if the ransomware has been programmed to be as inconspicuous as possible. You will receive no warning while your files are being encrypted, although you may expertise general system and lag spikes – the encryption process is heavy and takes its toll on your processor.

As soon the virus is done encrypting your files it will make its presence known by creating a ransom demand note on your screen. Ransom for .Micro Virus File Extension varies, but can be as high as a few hundred dollars.

  • Note that the payment is usually requested in the form of BitCoins – an online currency that is virtually untraceable by the authorities. If you decide to pay nobody can help you recover your money.

What are your options?

Now that your files have been encrypted you have two main options through which you can recover them.

  1. NOT RECOMMENDED: Paying the ransom – this os always an option, especially if the files encrypted are irreplaceable for you. You should only ever consider it as a last resort though – remember you are dealing with cyber criminals and every dollar in their pocket is an incentive to release improved and more dangerous ransomware viruses. They are also under no obligation to honor the deal – we’ve heard many stories from victims of ransomware who paid the ransom and got nothing in return. None of the solutions we provide is guaranteed to restore all of your files, but you try them nonetheless as you lose nothing.
  2. RECOMMENDED: .Micro Virus File Extension has encrypted your files with a military grade encryption algorithm that is nearly impossible to break without inside information. What can be done, however, is restoration of the original files. The encryption process does not actually transform your files, but rather creates a new encrypted copy of them. The originals are deleted from your computer, but they be recovered. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to do that in the guide below.
  3. NEVER ATTEMPT: There are a number of advertisements on the web for programs that can break the ransomware encryptions and restore your files for the modest price of the program. All of these are created by scammers and should never be trusted. If you come across such a program and are feeling desperate enough to give it a try always ask for some form of proof first – first send the seller one of your encrypted files to restore it before spending any money.

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