Iranian hackers attack over 1,000 US, British, French Government Websites

An Iranian cyber group announced that it has hacked more than 1,000 important governmental websites of the US, Britain and France in protest at their support and financial aids to anti-Iran terrorist groups.
“To commemorate the Day of Campaign against Terrorism and the martyrdom anniversary of (former Iranian President Mohammad Ali) Rajayee and (his Prime Minister Mohammad Javad) Bahonar (by the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization), the group rose to protest at the inhumane measures of the supporters of terrorism, with the US and Britain standing on top of them, through a new method and hacked and changed the pages of more than 1,000 of their websites,” Behrouz Kamalian, Head of the Iranian Ashiyaneh (nest) cyber group, told FNA on Monday.
If you open the hacked sites now, you can see a logo of Iran and some pictures of martyrs Rajaee and Bahonar and a bi-lingual text in Persian and English expressing our group’s protest at the US, Britain and France’s attitude towards terrorism, Kamalian added.

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