How To Enter Safe Mode

Why pressing F8 sometimes doesn’t enable Safe Mode for windows 8 and later

For years pressing F8 immediately after a reboot has been the default option to enable Safe Mode for all versions of Windows. This hasn’t changed for Windows 8 and Windows 10 either, yet for some people it just won’t work. The reason behind this is the fast boot feature developed by Microsoft. Fast boot, especially when Windows is written on a quick SSD drive, will load windows so fast that it is humanly impossible to press the F8 button in time.

How to enable Safe Mode for windows 8 and later versions.

  1. Navigate to your Desktop, then press Win+R buttons simultaneously
  2. In the box that appears type MSCONFIG
  3. Now click on the Boot tab, then select Safe boot with Networking.
  4. Click Apply, followed by OK. Now reboot your PC
  5. Whenever you are done using Safe Mode go back to this menu and remove the tick from the Safe Boot box

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  1. upon following the directions on how to enter safe mode my pc is locked up and my password wont open it! what do i do now? please help

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