How to bring MagSafe back to the new MacBook Pro

Apple decided to scrap MagSafe on the new MacBook Pro, but a custom built MagSafe 2 has got your back!

BreakSafe, a custom solution from Griffin, is the successor to MagSafe.

Apple’s extreme attention to the tiniest details is one of its greatest strengths and this is what makes its users feel cared for to their greatest comfort. One of these brilliant and small, but incredibly innovative features, which makes every Mac user’s life easier, is the MagSafe. This is a tiny magnetic charging connector, which is strong enough to hold on and charge your device, but actually weak enough to safely unplug and prevent your MacBook from the possibility of getting yanked on the floor if someone manages to trip on its cable.


However, in its latest MacBooks, Apple seems to be killing this amazing and convenient feature and replacing it with a standard Thunderbolt 3 connector. Indeed, the open USB-C standard gives the opportunity to charge, relay video and transfer data all through the same port, however, many users find the decision of Apple to eliminate MagSafe as a step backward from the users’ comfort.


With MacBook Pro, Apple’s MagSafe is officially dead!

Fortunately, there is a solution that may replace MagSafe in the new MacBooks – Griffin now offers BreakSafe, a $34,99 magnetic USB-C cable that does almost the same job as MagSafe. Of course, it is not as convenient as the original, and the look of your MacBook may suffer a bit, since you need to plug in a separate brick that connects through USB-C. Also, you will have to check if you are connected it the right way every time, because it is not reversible like the original MagSafe. However, it can still effectively prevent your new MacBook Pro from falling on the floor and shattering into pieces should you accidentally tug the cable, so it is probably worth the investment.


The devil is in the details.

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