Moscow arrests cyber-criminals for spreading viruses in Internet to get money

A crime family, deliberately spreading viruses in Internet and raking in money with sms aid, was detained in Moscow on Tuesday.

The operation on apprehending suspects was carried out by officers of the Moscow economic crime service along with colleagues from the K section with support from specialists of the information security group.

“It was established that the detainees circulated virus programmes via various Internet sites, including social networks, that blocked the operation of customers’ computers,” a source said. Then, the customer was suggested to send an sms-dispatch worth over 300 roubles to a short number so as to get a code to unblock the system.”

According to preliminary calculations, more than 3,000 Internet users fell victims of fraudsters in April alone, including in CIS countries. According to police data, the annual profit of law-breakers topped one billion roubles.